13 April 2007

A Dread-ful Situation? (Part one of two)

Recently in a conversation, one of my friends wondered aloud, "how do you start dreadlocks?"
I half-jokingly answered, "well, if you're me, you just don't brush your hair for a week."

I am not sure how normal people start dreadlocks. Honestly, I am not sure why anyone does. But every few days in the shower I vigorously apply conditioner to one or two 3-or-so-inch sections of my hair that have managed to work themselves into a dreadlock sort of state. My mind fluctuates between wanting to give up and just grow dreads, and disgustedly wondering why anyone in their right mind would do such a thing. Of course, my being in my right mind is still something of a debate, so the two are not necessarily irreconcilable.

Perhaps in our search for understanding, we should look at the word itself: dreadlocks. A compound word. Locks, obviously, refers to one's hair. This is not to be confused with lox. Occasionally, this word is preceded by an adjective. For example, see Goldilocks. She had yellow (gold) hair. Or maybe she had the new iHair from Apple, available in a multitude of colours, including but not limited to gold! pink! black! (Actually, it turns out, after a brief search [yay for google!] that iHair is not an Apple product at all, but a hair-loss solution. Apple should take over their business, if only for the name's sake.)
ahem. I digress.
Now: the word DREAD. According to dictionary.com, dread means "to fear greatly, to be in extreme apprehension of." Does not exactly sound pleasant.
Hair that is to be feared. And I do, oh I do...
Blessings on your travels,


Anonymous said...

Love, Hannah

Amanda Mae said...

yeah I just cut my hair off, the dreds got to be too much

Anna said...

that's so exciting :)

Anonymous said...

well people start dread by letting it get oily and easy knot.. im just about to do mine, but yeah im letting my hair get gross and not doing much to it... its gonna be cool

laura jane said...

who ever said "let it get oilly" is talking out the arse.
i have dreads and i did mine the proper way. to start you need to wash your hair with shampoo for oilly hair so that it becomes as dry and damaged looking as you can get it. you then need to blow dry it to take any more moisture out of it. the next day you should soak it in salt water and blow dry it again for the same reason. once completely dry you take a section of the hair and rub the ends/tips into the palm of your hand until it becomes knotted there. you then split the knot and pull the ends of your hair appart. this will make the knots travel up the hair to the roots you need to repeat this till the knots go to the tips of your hair. you can wash your hair even as often as twice a week as long as you DO NOT use conditioner. This is the best way to have tidy dread so it is easier to get a job. to pull in the fluffy bits that are left you can use a crochet hook usualy used for knitting, you could also try rolling the dread between your palms. this is for those of you who dont want to use any products on your hair. you will also find that when you sleep the dreads will become joined together at the roots so every morning you will need to pull the dreads appart so that they dont continue to grow like that or else you will just end up with one big dread which does not look good as you can imagine. when the dreads start to grow out and you start to get roots you should hold the hair about half an inch above the roots and rub it strongly round in circles on your scalp this will dread the roots.