05 January 2009

Labels and Applications

I admire people who use labels well on their blogs. I feel like since I often touch on topics several times over, I ought to use that function as well. I think that when I am done with my grad school applications (about a month from now), I am going to go back through my archive and apply labels to my posts.

I dislike grad school applications. They all require something to the effect of, "Write a three page essay telling us why you are so much more awesome and wonderful than the other hundreds of students applying here." This is not a good exercise for someone who thinks that she probably is not more awesome and wonderful than those hundreds, and that she probably should not be accepted to a graduate program anyway. Except for the fact that she desperately wants to go to grad school, wants so much to continue in her field that it hurts. I wish I could just take a snapshot of my soul, and give that to them instead. Perhaps then they would see, and understand, and allow me to come.

Blessings on your travels,


Anonymous said...

I could probably manage three pages on why you are wonderful and patient and intelligent and driven. Sweet. Careful. Inquisitive. Beautiful.

Considerate and caring, courageous and strong. Responsible for what you say and do.

And on.


Emily said...

heh. I could end with, "and a sister to every girl scout."
yeah, thanks.