09 November 2006

Like a Ray of Sunshine

Beauty from the 4-D Design Class, Part Two

I am uncertain who took the balcony of the library as their spot, but it made me very happy every time I walked by. There is not really much to say about this one - it really speaks for itself. A new colour/piece went up each day. It makes me joyful. Well done.

(from further away)

(from closer up)

I wish I had taken pictures on a more sunny day, because it looks even more cheerful then. But you can see even with the overcast sky the simple beauty of this project.

Blessings on your travels,

1 comment:

Amanda Mae said...

hey em.

I like your blog, it is well written.

mine is mostly just me wanting to design photos or headers, and then being sad.

we're almost seniors, heart attack