07 November 2006

A Quiet Place

Beauty from the 4-D Design Class, Part Two

Today I will show you the place of Erin Meyer. This quiet spot is located out front of the sculpture/theatre-21 building, behind some incredibly unassuming bushes. I had to look rather hard to find it, even after being told exactly where to look. At first glance, it does not seem as though Erin did much with the spot:

However, keep in mind that this place was entirely bare and weed-ridden, like behind all the other bushes in this area, before Erin took it under her caring wing. She not only made the bench to place there, she also laid all those bricks herself, bought and laid the sod, and planted flowers. I am assuming that pulling up weeds/ivy also went into it, though I have not asked her about that.

What I love most about this spot that she essentially created is that it so much reflects her wonderful personality. Peaceful, personable, unassuming, yet friendly and joyful. I know that being at college, my friend has missed being able to work and care for the ground, and it was so exciting to discover that she had found a spot in which to do this. I appreciate the difference between most of the other places that the 4-D design folk had, and this place - the other installments brought something external to the place, made it more than it had been, perhaps made the places a bit contrived (though wonderful and beautiful!). This one, however, seems to merely have actualized the place behind the bushes: Erin allowed it to become fully realized in its potential, and for that, my dear friend, well done.

On another note, I am happy to discover a small readership. (at least one person! yay!) I will not force, but when you leave comments, could you select the "other" option, which will allow you to leave your name? I would much prefer that to anonymity. Thanks ever so.

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