30 July 2007

Getting Dangerous

So, I still have not read the final Harry Potter book. Have not even started it, actually. And that is getting dangerous for me. It seems like everywhere I go, people are talking about it or writing about it or referencing it. Spoilers abound! I have had to be so careful just to avoid hearing or reading things. Because, you see, it is not that I do not care or am particularly waiting to read it until later. I used to be fanatic about reading a new one the second it was released - spending five or so hours on the couch, not moving until I was done with it.
But we must also remember that the first of these books came out nearly ten years ago. I was eleven, the same age as our heroes were in the first book. Now I am in college, and honestly, occasionally have better things to do than read a seven-hundred page novel (however amazing) in one setting. Mostly, the better thing that I have to do is read a(n amazing) one-thousand twenty-one page poem for my Faerie Qveene class in the fall.
But be that as it may, I really do need to get a hold of a copy of Harry Potter VII before I hear too much more about it. One can not cover one's ears and hum for very long, nor can one avoid reading other people's blogs forever. One part of me is sad that the series has come to an end, but another part of me is happy about it. I expected the end to come three years ago. It has been too long coming, and I will read it soon.
Just...please do not spoil it for me!
Blessings on your travels,

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Amanda Mae said...


If you want to borrow my copy, you can. Let me know. I'm living on Biola Ave.