04 August 2007

This Time is the Last Time

I am now nearly moved out of Hart. The next time that I move will be away from Biola forever. And for that, I am so glad. I am sick of moving. Almost all of my possessions are in my apartment, although walking into my dorm room one probably would not guess it to be so. All of my drawers are cleared out, my wardrobe is empty. However, it still looks like I live here (if one does not look inside said furniture), due to lots of things lying about still. Soon they will all be stowed away in a box labeled 'random junk' and also hauled off to the apartment. And then I will take my table, my hutch, and my refrigerator. And then I will be truly gone from Hart, from on-campus housing, from dorm-life forever.

Blessings on your travels,

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