19 November 2008

Gas for $1.88? Yespleasethankyou.

Last night Stacey asked me what the most positive thing about being in Washington is. Besides the fact that here my world is not being consumed by fire, the lower gas prices are a wonderful thing. One eighty-eight is the lowest that I have seen, it ranges between that and one ninety-nine. So yes. That is nice.

Driving here is fairly miserable, though. I am used to arterial roads having a speed limit of around forty-five. Here, on roads that look nearly the same as those faster ones (two lanes each direction, but with a middle turn-lane rather than a median), one is not allowed to go faster than thirty-five miles per hour. I am not sure how strictly this is enforced, but people follow it. On Evergreen, the road off of which my house is located, people like to go thirty, or sometimes twenty-five. It is horrid. The freeway is not much better. Through the city, the speed limit is sixty. And if you are going sixty, you should probably be in the left lane. The middle lane goes about fifty-seven, and the right lane goes about fifty-five. These people would die in California - not so much from accidents, but from fright at the cars going seventy-five or eighty.

This is taking adjustment. But at least the gas is cheaper.

Blessings on your travels,


Joshua said...


Cyclists must be very very safe out there, compared to here...

Those gas prices though... mmm... but then not having any capability to USE the gas... that is problematic.

Perhaps you should become a part of the underground night streetracing community... hang out with all those really cool highschool guys... the ones with the faux-leather jackets...

Calvin said...

*Sputters* How would your car be able to move at 25 per hour????
You could count the trees outside the window of your car at that rate!! :O ;D