12 November 2008


That is to say, I got one.

I am now officially a "seasonal sales associate" at Bath and Body Works. Minimum wage, variable/non-guaranteed hours, but much better than nothing. It will keep me busy and out of the house, help me to start saving to move back to California, and give me time to look for something more permanent. Plus, a thirty-percent employee discount. So, um, family will be getting lotion for Christmas.

Blessings on your travels,


Joshua said...

It doesn't all have to be lotion you know. There are many other very nice things at B&BW. Such as shampoo and conditioner. Maybe a lightly scented hand sanitizer. Or a loofah. (Luffa?) All these things would be just fine as well, and are readily available at your fine employer's place of business.

And nothing says "I love you" like a loofah.

mkr mouse said...

And nothing says "I love you" like a loofah.

that is incredibly funny, and should be the "bed, bath and beyond" motto, or something.

Congratulations Emily!

Calvin said...

What's wrong with a good loofah?
What in the world is a loofah?