21 March 2009

One Hundred

If you thought that the title reflected that this was my hundredth post on this blog, you were mistaken. This is my fifty-eighth post on this blog. The hundred is is in reference to a game that I play. It is called, like so many others, the license plate game. It consists of looking at license plates, and counting up from zero-zero-zero to nine-nine-nine. California license plates are #LLL###; Washington plates are ### - LLL; Idaho plates have no recognizable pattern to them. This game was stolen from one Timofy Carroll (and I have no idea if he kept going after the few times that he mentioned it on his old blog - his last post about it was on April seventh of two-thousand seven). I began playing right after Timofy's first post about it, on July twenty-first of two-thousand six, and today saw one-zero-zero. It was quite happy.

It will get very frustrating for a while, when I can not find a number for a long time, but then when I do it is so very exciting. Also, some numbers that I see which are already past have associations in my memory with images or events or people, since I have a very associative memory. Zero-five-zero (fifty) I associate with Biola facilities, because one of their vans has that number. I remember particularly because I was looking for zero-four-nine for perhaps two or three months, and it drove me toward insanity because I would see the van on campus nearly every day. Of course, once I did find forty-nine, I was able to move onto fifty-one rather quickly. Zero-zero-seven makes me think of Lindsey, because she was riding with me when I saw it, and she got excited as well because her youngest brother also plays the game (though he goes backward, beginning at nine-nine-nine). This is one of several things I do that border on obsessive, but I do not think that that is necessarily bad.

Blessings on your travels,


Lindsey said...

sounds like a fun game, I'd definitely start playing it if I could see license plates. ha! I just thought how funny it would be if i did it with parked cars. I think people would find it creepy to see some random girl peering with her face 2 inches from their license plates :P

When are you due to hear from EWU?

Lindsey said...

haha, I'll consider it, just for you :)

I have no idea, Fullerton's the only place that didn't tell me when they'd notify. I'm expecting to have heard from everywhere definitely within a month though