06 April 2009

Not sure when that changed.

So I just checked BUBBS. Not generally something to report. Except that this was the first time since...mid-February. I never imagined that I would stop checking it. I used to be dependent on it. At the peak, I checked about one-hundred and twenty folders on a regular basis. As in, more than once a day. Not all these folders had posts every day, but I checked them. And read them. And posted in them. Even through my senior year and for a few months after graduation, I checked the folders I was still reading (probably down to about thirty or forty - all the THI folders, and some others throughout the Conferences) at least daily. I even came to Torrientation in August and gave a BUBBS talk to the new freshmen, because it still mattered to me. When did I stop caring? I have no idea. Today, I went into my mailbox, and it was all Meridius notices, and an accidental email from a former professor (she sent information to the wrong mailing list, then sent another message apologizing). I glanced through THI Chatter, Newman Chatter, and Lewis Chatter. I read through the major thread in Alumni Chatter. And then I left. Because I do not care anymore. BUBBS used to be so very important, and now I can not remember for the life of me why. I will probably try to remember to check more often, particularly for the Alumni Chatter folder, but the rest just does not seem to matter much.

Blessings on your travels,

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Art Worker said...

Boo! I just re-found this like... 2 weeks ago. When my laptop died I just sort of gave up on all of my lists of blogs... but then I got my laptop up and running from the dead so for old times sake I checked all the old blogs. I like the categorization. how are you doing and what have you been up to?