18 April 2009

Small things that make me happy in a somewhat depressing existance

1. Light on the river as the sun is just rising on my way to work
2. Being cut off in traffic only to discover that said vehicle has the next license plate number for which I had been looking (one-hundred-five)
3. Hummus
4. Small children lighting candles in church, especially those who are just barely tall enough to reach, and so insist on doing it all on their own without assistance
5. The space heater in my room

Blessings on your travels,


Lindsey said...

thank you to both!

have you heard from all your grad schools yet? I still haven't heard from Fullerton

Joshua said...

Space heaters are the bomb. Not literally, 'cause that would be horrific, but figuratively. (this is less horrific)

On another note, do friend's really poorly written short stories make you happy?

jo said...

Question: did you move to WA? Do you like it?

Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement Emily. I've really been needing it lately. I'm sorry you've had to go through a similar experience, it's definitely no picnic.
Much love

Lindsey said...

I've made myself be off facebook until I'm done with this semester's work, but Krista says you're coming for graduation!!!! :D

How long will you be here?