04 December 2009

Five Things

One: Facebook tells me that today is Josh's birthday. My engagement calendar tells me that Wednesday the ninth is. I am not sure which to believe. My impulse is to believe my engagement calendar, because I have had friends who put down false dates for various reasons. Of course, I do not know why Josh would do that. I also do not know why I would have the wrong date written down. I am more likely to make a mistake about this than Josh is, though. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Two: I have seven school days left until the end of the semester. In that time, I have two days of classes (though only one left of research methods. and the people rejoiced.), two sessions of clinic, one session of APD diagnostics, two final exams, two final projects, and one final presentation. I feel much less overwhelmed than one might expect from that list. I actually feel that that is adequate time for everything and that all will be well at the end of this next week and a half. I certainly am looking forward to break, though.

Three: I am frustrated at my Dad and his constant refusal to try new or unfamiliar things, especially food. "Oh I love Thai food! But I do not like peanut sauce. Or coconut milk. Or curry." "Well, Mexican's all right when your mom makes it," (which means chicken burritos) "but I do not really like Mexican restaurant food." Gah. I love trying new foods and it makes me upset when he will not.

Four: It is freaking cold here, and I miss California. I am all for winter, and snow. But right now it is too cold and too dry to snow, so it is mostly just miserable and windy.

Five: A coworker wants to set me up with another coworker (whom I have met once). I am not sure how I feel about this.

Blessings on your travels,

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Joshua said...

Thing the first: Thanks! It was my birthday. And do not feel bad about having the wrong date. Do not feel bad at all. Most of my conversations about when my birthday is will also include me mentioning how many other people I know who have birthdays within a week of mine, so I probably left you with all sorts of dates in your head when I first told you about it.

Thing the second: Yay! School is good for your brains! And so is having enough time to do what needs to be done!

Thing the third: Poor guy. That is frustrating. Now I want to share good foods with him too...

Thing the fourth: Bundle up! Buckle down! Do not be either frost-bitten or get blown away DLF!

Thing the fifth: .... eh..... um.... I don't know that going on a date would hurt anything, just so long as you two are both clear on the "getting to know you better so I can know you better" aspect of it...

But awkward, no?