23 December 2009

The Spice of Life

I am a firm believer that basil is the spice of life, despite everyone else insisting that variety has that title.
Pandora keeps telling me that I can add variety to a station, wondering if they might be permitted to show me how to do so. I already know the process, and am simply not interested. But it does cause me to wonder what strange combinations might be found by merging some of my stations.
Byzantine Chant with Iron Maiden, perhaps? Or Journey with Beethoven? Merging my Coldplay station with my The Killers station would be fairly anticlimactic, I am sure. But some others might prove interesting.
Perhaps when I am feeling more bored and adventurous. Possibly when unable to sleep some late night, tired of playing solitaire, I shall add some spice to my apparently drab stations.
Blessings on your travels,

1 comment:

Calvin said...

Basil IS the spice of life.
Fresh basil in eggs is the best.